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Patternfly forum hosting

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Here is the summary of what discussed so far:
- ok for having a single VM in the DC, and that we can't offer redundancy easily for now
- ok with the SLE of "we are only 2 admins". If stuff are down for a few days in case of big issues or Christmas shutdown, that's fine, and we will do our best

- we provides and take care of the OS, and OS upgrade
- they take care of the Docker image aka moderation and everything on the application level, and the upgrade using the CLI

OSCI take care of backup. While it shouldn't take much space, that's a forum for webdesigner, so lots of images are expected, and this the disk space might grow.

patternfly has a domain, and so they plan to use it. We will see once the VM is ready.

There is no specific deadline, but the sooner, the better.

So I am going to install a Fedora Atomic 28 VM on guido, so we can:
- have some experience with Fedora Atomic, and later do automated updates (gsoc project on Fedora)
- use docker/buildah painlessly

Question that should be answered:
- operating documentation for specific project, on website or somewhere else ?
- where to do the backups ? (I do have a old script for that, used for
- ssl, would it be done at the docker image level ?
- how many contact do we want on patternfly side (cause Dana told there is a team of 20 people, but I am quite sure I do not want 20 people as contact, so I guess 2 or 3 would be ok)

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#1 Updated by Mscherer Mscherer 9 months ago

So, the server was installed on, using Fedora 28.

I have started to take a look at the instruction to deploy the forum,
but likely wil not finish that today, as others stuff happened.
Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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